Hair Tips

Brush Composition

1. Our bristles are designed with a specially modified nylon developed for increased flexibility and resilience. An optimal diameter had been determined the for the bristle: too thin, they are weak; too thick, they are rigid, resulting in torn or snagged hair. The combination of strength and flexibility in our bristles allows them to move through hair easily and reform their shape quickly.

2. The body of the brush is composed of ABS: an anti-wear, drop and weather resistant material, so you can use it under demanding conditions for years without deformation or breakage.

3. The ball tips are smooth and symmetrically formed from a durable, temperature-resistant epoxy. The tips protect and massage the scalp, detangling hair from the roots.

4. The cases are made of reusable EVA materials designed for continuous use. The brush cushion is made from TPR, a low-energy production and zero-waste thermoplastic that has a minimal impact on the environment.

5. The packaging is made from recycled cardboard that is friendly to the environment.


Softer and healthier hair with Flexalite®

Flexalite® bristles flex and release, allowing them to gently and efficiently detangle knots with precision, thus eliminating the discomfort and breakage associated with generic hairbrushes.

Our rubberized soft grips are just what the doctor ordered! These grips are easier on the wrists for stylist comfort. Brushing in comfort allows for healthier hair free of tangles and split ends, and reduces hair loss. 

Super-smooth and durable massage tips

The Flexalite® bristles are topped off with durable and smooth, epoxy-coated ball tips that provide massage-like stimulation without damaging the scalp.

Flipcomb™ for the ultimate finish

The revolutionary new carbon Flipcomb™ is designed to gently tease out difficult-to-tame tangles with its unique wave teeth. Flip to the fine-tooth profile to finish your look.