About us

My two young girls are heavily involved with swimming and acting and so their hair must be well maintained. It was unmanageable going from swim class to sets: getting their hair detangled and styled appropriately would take hours.

Being a stylist, I felt that I should be able to resolve this issue. I wondered how I could create a brush that would save time: for the girls, for myself, and for others in the profession who I knew were wasting precious “chair time” detangling clients’ knotted hair. More than just saving time, I wanted to create a product that would allow for a more gentle and “pain-free” detangling experience. From this point of inspiration, I have spent years perfecting our line of products.

Each and every one of our brushes has been carefully designed and scientifically researched by a dad who wants to savour more time with his children and a stylist who wants to create a more enjoyable experience for his clients.

Once I had my first Knot Dr.™ prototypes ready, I made a gift of one to my two dear friends and their special needs child. They were so impressed by the brush, and the difference it made in brushing their daughter’s hair, that they decided to join The Knot Dr.™ team and help me to ensure that every detail of our product was designed to increase joy and reduce pain. We now have a team that is innovative, creative, and scientific. Together, we are confident that we have taken an everyday product to the next level, in order to make life easier, save time, and make hair brushing more enjoyable.

Our laboratory is always researching ways to improve our brushes to ensure that they continue to be of the highest possible quality. Please write to us, as we always value feedback for product research.